Handi Behric

  • Slovenija
  • Menges
  • The painting expresses a new man when he carries this seed in him from time immemorial. It is slowly maturing for something new. Sam will become the new seed for better times for man and the earth that is unique in this universe.

    The picture is the fruit of a photograph of a man with an outstretched hand calling us, inviting. I created it with artificial intelligence and Photoshop, to this look that gives a touch of something new.

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Aran ra’dparsa

  • Iran
  • Tehran
  • In the mid of the 90s, The Taliban militia expelled us from our own homes because of being Hazara.  They looted and set fire to our Village. my entire uncles were killed because of being Hazara by them.  We fled to Quetta Pakistan.   I was a child who had been harassed also because of being Hazara Over there.  We fled to Iran inevitably the teenager, I used to feel strange, I didn't use to go out for fear of being harassed for some years. We were bullied regarding our Asian looks by people. There Was no friend for me, I used to suffer as much.   of being Afghan I used to tell myself why am I so ugly I used to want to hide my eyes, my face.  When I was going out with my boyfriend, we were made fun of and none of us could say anything. I'm still worried about going to a restaurant or somewhere else for fear of being made fun of. So, during these 5, 6 years something's changed and gone better. I concluded it’s what I should handle it. These days in my workplace, no one judges me by my nationality and I feel comfortable.  I'd like to be in Afghanistan but I can't, I love there but there is no place for Hazaras, Iran is not my place yet. neither I'm Iranian nor from Afghanistan and nowhere else. I don't know what to say, it's a hard feeling.


















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Felipe Hueb

  • Brazil
  • Brasília
  •  The piece is a mix of modern, pop and nude art. The subject is a beautiful model almost naked with her breasts exposed and with her hands pulling her panties. Her lips highlighted in diferent color tones, a motion blured lines pass on her face to make it more discret. Her body's curves are clear to see. 

    The artwork is very delicate, with a touch of sensuality; it reminds us that we should be free to express ourselves, our moods and feelings through the clothes we wear (or don't), the words we speak (or don't), or even just the way we walk down the street.

    This artwork reflects how women can be strong and powerful without being masculine or aggressive; it encourages women to feel comfortable with their bodies without feeling insecure about how others perceive them.

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Tracy Whiteside

  • USA
  • Elburn
  • REDEMPTION:  This image was shot in studio on a black background with one light.  The golden light at the top and mist at the bottom were added in post.  It tells the story of a young woman, lonely and empty inside, but the warm light of the universe shines on her.  

    Every photo has a story to tell. I tell stories with photos. This particular one was unplanned. It literally popped into my head during a fashion photoshoot. I take that as a sign from the universe that the tale must be told. Women, older women in particular, have far fewer opportunities to disseminate information. We have lived and learned. Our experiences should be shared. At this point in my life, my only agenda is to benefit and comfort others. 

    Mental wellness finds its way into many of my photo essays. It is critical that this message communicated not only to raise awareness, but to let those who fight the good fight every day know that they are not alone.

    The high contrast in these images represents duality. Warm tones indicate the positive sides of her personality. Cool lighting reveals her icy cold self. She is mostly expressionless because she feels dead inside.

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Jéssica Pereira Gaspar

  • Portugal
  • Caldas da Rainha
  • Titule: Isle of the dead, 2021, digital photograpy, 

    The sublime appears associated with nature when we are overwhelmed by the wonder and terror of its immensity. This wonder is a state of suspension that is only possible with a certain degree of horror or surprise.

    The sublime usually represents the experience of our physical finitude and impotence in the face of the fury of the force of nature, but in this paradoxical epoch, the force of nature appears decimated by the omnipresence of humanity and “humans themselves become a geological force” (Guinard-Terri M., 2016: p.184).

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