Anna Bobkova

  • Taiwan
  • Taipei
  • One curious thing to know about Taiwan is its convenience store culture. Little 395 km-long (245 miles) island has well over 11 thousand stores that operate 24/7 regardless of holidays or dangerous storms brought from the Pacific Ocean.   

    This photograph depicts Taipei National University of the Arts students gathering inside and outside of an OKmart, which is the only source of food and drinks on their mountainous campus.



  • United States
  • Newport News
  • I have always been inspired by landscape and Iceland is a landscape like no other, often feeling like another planet. Visiting annually, I aim to capture the vast harsh landscape of Iceland, coupled with immense beauty. I never imagined I would have the opportunity to see an erupting volcano, but Iceland delivered once again with once of the most incredible sights I have ever seen. I was fortunate enough for the eruption to last for several months, and I was able to fly over in a helicopter to take photos since the landscape was covered in lava and hiking close was no longer an option. The destruction of the lava, but the simultaneous creation of new land was a surreal sight. 


James Mellor

  • United Kingdom
  • As an artist I enjoy using a variety of media, often experimenting with distinctive styles and tones. I use photographic imagery as inspiration for my paintings.

    I use visual images to relate to day-to-day issues that are often hard for people to express and explain, such as mental health, social anxiety and how people reflect on them in their lives. I create a non-singular vision; each work could relate to a concept or theme, which could equally stand on its own.

    My ideas are grounded. However, my imagery is dimensional so others may see this as fictional. These ideas could be seen as horror, fantasy, or surrealism. I develop them further using materials, techniques and skills that can reflect personal life and growth and how people deal with them. The technique used in my latest work gives it a cinematography look, inverting and installing the images to some classic sci-fi and groundwork movies, with imagery from the modern day. My work has a sense of being both finished and unfinished, giving the impression I cannot identify what I am seeing and feeling. I use distinctive colors and light or dark tones to distinguish myself and my surroundings.

    Limitations, flaws, faith, and uncontrolled emotions are a specific interest of mine, as well as my use of a variety of non-conventional media including materials and the process of the art techniques.


Cat Simmons

  • USA
  • Gaithersburg
  • I was traveling in France, visiting an older friend after discovering my husband's infidelity. Carol left me alone at her pool to go prepare dinner. When I saw the empty chair next to the pool, I was flooded with metaphoric thoughts. To me, this picture visually mediates the deep rooted feelings of tension, standing between two places of pain and healing.  


Marko Milić

  • Croatia
  • Stara Gradiška
  • In this abstract work i am capturing fragment of melting ice resembling a humanoid form. Dancing with the sound of melting snow and water droplets hitting the ground, creating a calm melody for me and my subject. I observe his movement while it melts on a warm sunlight, and his last dance comes to an end. Music from our surroundings becomes more intense, until he performs his grand finale move where my flash lightens his stage. The music disappears, and he with it.


Christina Reenberg Jensen

  • Denmark
  • Hillerød
  • I transform useless and lost objects into dream landscapes. The invisible and indifferent get a new, exclusive life. For example, worn out and crumpled candy wrappers become abstract sculptural universes - small microcosms - where familiar objects such as suns, moons, ships and mountains are placed so that one can get the impression that they are in the middle of a dance. 


    In the ongoing series, I work with the tactility of objects. By using crumpled candy wrappers and other casual items, I tease the viewer's senses, so you get the feeling of standing with the glittering cellophane paper in your hand. In this way, I invite the viewer to dream into the playful, abstract landscape.


Kate Zhydkova

  • Ukraine
  • Kyiv
  • In my work I reflect the influence of the outside world on the emotional and physical state. Most of my work is self-portraits. My goal is to use photography to convey to people the value of self-research and the importance of maintaining mental health.

    Every event, word, emotion affects us, especially bad ones. Over time, they manifest physically. Like black dots that appear on our body, consuming us. A change in our state provokes strong discomfort, which creates a desire to get rid of the darkness inside by any means. But this is impossible, because darkness has become a part of us. All that remains for us is reach agreement with her.


Ema Brum

  • Portugal
  • Caldas da Rainha
  • "Non-places" / "Urban voids" are empty or abandoned spaces in the city. Its emptyness creates a silence that leads the viewer to notice it and enter a state of contemplation. This spaces are of deep relevance to the urban life. It's our escape from the noise that came with industrialization. It's our freedom from the system, within the system.