Paul Brooke

  • US
  • Ames
  • In Torres del Paine, Chile, patience is a test. I waited several hours for this female, Coiron, to leave her small cave. For the first hour or so, I climbed up to try to get images of her sleeping. But it was fruitless. I grew tired and thought if I walked down to a rock outcropping maybe I'd get lucky and get a photograph of her near them.

    After fifteen minutes, I was right and she emerged. She looked off, smelling the kill of another female. The scene was majestic, mystical and marvelous.


Teresa letizia Bontà

  • Italia
  • Mira
  • Quando sei in bilico fra sogni e realtà tra attimi di malinconia e tristezza
    e pensieri che non riesci ad allontanare sei prigioniera di te stessa.
    Ti chiudi a riccio pensando che passi...Come una tempesta
    ma dopo la tempesta lascerà tutto in disordine.
    Dovrai lentamente sistemare ogni pezzo dovrai uscirne fuori illesa
    ma il pensiero resterà comunque lo stesso... Nessuno potrà mai comprendere
    le tue emozioni o le vivrà e le sentirà come le senti tu.
    Noi siamo lo specchio dell'anima e l'anima si nutre di emozioni



Rita Bulatova

  • Russia
  • Rostov-on-Don
  • The image was taken backstage at the regional bodybuilding competition and awards show (which precedes the final nationals) and is a part of larger series on bodybuilding and the concept of beauty. This portrait was taken hours before the athlete depicted won in one of the fitness categories. The backstage world at the event was radically different from the glamour on stage. In a way the difference is as apparent and as radical as the makeup viewed against the naturally pale complexion of the athlete. 


Jie Wang

  • U.S.
  • Chicago
  • The afternoon in Central Park was filled with the bustle of people in every corner, marking the city's chaotic atmosphere everywhere. I stopped and waited for a gap where no one would pass by when I accidentally spotted this beautifully patterned wall. Just as I raised my camera to take a picture, a boy holding a popsicle ran up to the wall with his back against it , next to his father, who was holding his cell phone and ready to take a picture of his son. The sunset sun hit the boy's face impartially, and the boy's eyes did coincidentally look into my lens. I just pressed the shutter and the boy ran away. The crowded crowd gave me no chance to catch up with the father and the boy. The whole process may not have taken more than five seconds, but the camera recorded the eternity of that certain sunset in Central Park. The bustle of New York during the holiday and the momentary flash of light in the boy's eyes were fleeting, like the peace in the chaos, or the eternity in the chaos that I once chased


Mouli Paul

  • United Kingdom
  • Plymouth
  • This kind of theatrical setting can be seen during Asian weddings, festivals and events. 

    Most of the time, it's people from the family or a group who come together to create these podiums using materials which can be easily found at home. I remember making these structures with friends and family while keeping awake all night. Seeing this in a Bangladeshi wedding here in Plymouth brought back a lot of memories for me.