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This is a picture for the cover for my graphic novel MFS / Moisture, Frost and Salt. It is a Read more
Youth in galaxy Read more
The afternoon in Central Park was filled with the bustle of people in every corner, marking the city's chaotic atmosphere Read more
QUEST by Marco Riha  A modern day heroic epic.  12 paintings, created over the course of the last 27 years Read more
  Title: “This is Not a LOLLIPOP”, Artist´s Statement This is one manipulated urban snapshot of the series "Urbanism - Read more
'DEPARTURE' Photo taken on 7th avenue from a hotel at NYC in 2017 Read more
En Route (The Way There Looking Like The Way Back) "Taken from a moving train between Sheffield and Hull, in Read more
Creating art helps me process uncomfortable feelings. I’ve overcome a dark time in my life after struggling with ptsd after Read more
The inverted water world      The Netherlands can be seen as water country. This often creates visual wonders. In Read more
The work represents our partial capacity to look inside ourselves and know how to read ourselves. So, like an unfinished Read more
Combing through the archives there was a time when Black Lives Matter was a movement still limited to the underground Read more
"I remember everything" (2020) This picture (and the whole project that comes with it) represents the importance of love, and Read more