Christina Reenberg Jensen

  • Denmark
  • Hillerød
  • I transform useless and lost objects into dream landscapes. The invisible and indifferent get a new, exclusive life. For example, worn out and crumpled candy wrappers become abstract sculptural universes - small microcosms - where familiar objects such as suns, moons, ships and mountains are placed so that one can get the impression that they are in the middle of a dance. 


    In the ongoing series, I work with the tactility of objects. By using crumpled candy wrappers and other casual items, I tease the viewer's senses, so you get the feeling of standing with the glittering cellophane paper in your hand. In this way, I invite the viewer to dream into the playful, abstract landscape.


Jéssica Pereira Gaspar

  • Portugal
  • Caldas da Rainha
  • Titule: Isle of the dead, 2021, digital photograpy, 

    The sublime appears associated with nature when we are overwhelmed by the wonder and terror of its immensity. This wonder is a state of suspension that is only possible with a certain degree of horror or surprise.

    The sublime usually represents the experience of our physical finitude and impotence in the face of the fury of the force of nature, but in this paradoxical epoch, the force of nature appears decimated by the omnipresence of humanity and “humans themselves become a geological force” (Guinard-Terri M., 2016: p.184).


Anna Loscalzo

  • Italy
  • Bologna
  • I took those sequence sunset pictures until the end, from my garden, in the Bologna countryside,  during the covid pandemic when we weren't allowed to go out. It gave me hope for a bright and better future and it showed me that everything ends and it starts again.



Camille Tagini

  • France
  • Paris
  • "My sunshine" evokes the destinies shattered by the Covid-19 pandemic. Between the memories of a stay in Los Angeles and the promise of a hypothetical trip to Japan, the artist evokes through his personal experience, the broken projects of each of us, the difficulties to overcome and the fear of never seeing the "rising sun" again and the horizon fill with hope.
    This original oil artwork will be a great choice for home collection, as for office interior design.


Briarwood Bohemian

  • United States of America
  • New York City
  • This photo was taken in 2019 during a snow storm. I was travelling pretty fast in a cab in Queens and saw the ghostly stripped tree. Using a color filter made that tree and the water droplets on the window come alive. 


Shir beck

  • Israel
  • Eilat
  •  A sun that creates a ray of light in the desert on a winter day in the desert of Eilat

Zahra Pars

  • United States
  • Brooklyn
  • My photograph, “Sorrento Honeymoon” was taken in Sorrento, Italy while leaning over a stone staircase that leads to Marameo Beach. The title is inspired by my parents, who honeymooned in Sorrento decades ago.


    My artistic practice examines the ephemerality of beauty. The imagery I document in photographysolitary landscapes, discarded objects, and lost balloons chronicle the momentariness of joy, and our presence in a world with an undefined future. Photographs are inherently precise moments in time, but through my photography, I strive to capture images that are more uncertain. Perhaps because I approach photography with a background in abstract painting, I see the imagery that I capture as a metaphor for language, and how it can both convey and conceal meaning.