Cameron J Laing

  • Denmark
  • København K
  • If Memory Serves..

    Our thoughts are limitless. Boundaries are set only by the way we perceive or assume them. 


    The dreamlike space features physical forms that have lost all sense of their dimensionality, except for the presence of a trace shadow.



    Using a large format camera, I use silver gelatin paper that does not detect red, can’t be traditionally metered, and has an ISO of around only 3. With my own developer recipe that is biodegradable and non-toxic, each sheet is developed individually by hand to create texture, allowing me to come into direct contact with the work.


James Mellor

  • United Kingdom
  • As an artist I enjoy using a variety of media, often experimenting with distinctive styles and tones. I use photographic imagery as inspiration for my paintings.

    I use visual images to relate to day-to-day issues that are often hard for people to express and explain, such as mental health, social anxiety and how people reflect on them in their lives. I create a non-singular vision; each work could relate to a concept or theme, which could equally stand on its own.

    My ideas are grounded. However, my imagery is dimensional so others may see this as fictional. These ideas could be seen as horror, fantasy, or surrealism. I develop them further using materials, techniques and skills that can reflect personal life and growth and how people deal with them. The technique used in my latest work gives it a cinematography look, inverting and installing the images to some classic sci-fi and groundwork movies, with imagery from the modern day. My work has a sense of being both finished and unfinished, giving the impression I cannot identify what I am seeing and feeling. I use distinctive colors and light or dark tones to distinguish myself and my surroundings.

    Limitations, flaws, faith, and uncontrolled emotions are a specific interest of mine, as well as my use of a variety of non-conventional media including materials and the process of the art techniques.


Kate Zhydkova

  • Ukraine
  • Kyiv
  • In my work I reflect the influence of the outside world on the emotional and physical state. Most of my work is self-portraits. My goal is to use photography to convey to people the value of self-research and the importance of maintaining mental health.

    Every event, word, emotion affects us, especially bad ones. Over time, they manifest physically. Like black dots that appear on our body, consuming us. A change in our state provokes strong discomfort, which creates a desire to get rid of the darkness inside by any means. But this is impossible, because darkness has become a part of us. All that remains for us is reach agreement with her.


Tracy Whiteside

  • USA
  • Elburn
  • REDEMPTION:  This image was shot in studio on a black background with one light.  The golden light at the top and mist at the bottom were added in post.  It tells the story of a young woman, lonely and empty inside, but the warm light of the universe shines on her.  

    Every photo has a story to tell. I tell stories with photos. This particular one was unplanned. It literally popped into my head during a fashion photoshoot. I take that as a sign from the universe that the tale must be told. Women, older women in particular, have far fewer opportunities to disseminate information. We have lived and learned. Our experiences should be shared. At this point in my life, my only agenda is to benefit and comfort others. 

    Mental wellness finds its way into many of my photo essays. It is critical that this message communicated not only to raise awareness, but to let those who fight the good fight every day know that they are not alone.

    The high contrast in these images represents duality. Warm tones indicate the positive sides of her personality. Cool lighting reveals her icy cold self. She is mostly expressionless because she feels dead inside.