Joris Jeursen

  • Belgium
  • Gent
  • A Sri Lankan was walking on the beach near Thalawila, on the West side of the island, when I asked him if I could take a photograph. He understood and agreed. He stands confident and stares straight into the lens. His look is serious like that of someone who experienced the hardships of life. Maybe he is just tired of working and wants me to go away. Maybe the sun is shining in his eyes. Who will tell? For a moment we interact, two strangers on a beach.


Lisa Cho

  • China
  • Guangdong
  • I am not good at thinking differently, believing that others think the same way as I do. I often unconsciously use people and things as a curtain of self-awareness and impose my will on others. Gradually, I felt as if I was talking to myself all the time. In this group of photos, after imposing my own will on others and making everyone have the same "face" as me, I found that the world without differences became like a science fiction movie about clones, absurd and ridiculous. This made me realize that the existence of differences in society is essential.


Teresa letizia Bontà

  • Italia
  • Mira
  • Quando sei in bilico fra sogni e realtà tra attimi di malinconia e tristezza
    e pensieri che non riesci ad allontanare sei prigioniera di te stessa.
    Ti chiudi a riccio pensando che passi...Come una tempesta
    ma dopo la tempesta lascerà tutto in disordine.
    Dovrai lentamente sistemare ogni pezzo dovrai uscirne fuori illesa
    ma il pensiero resterà comunque lo stesso... Nessuno potrà mai comprendere
    le tue emozioni o le vivrà e le sentirà come le senti tu.
    Noi siamo lo specchio dell'anima e l'anima si nutre di emozioni