Anna Bobkova

  • Taiwan
  • Taipei
  • One curious thing to know about Taiwan is its convenience store culture. Little 395 km-long (245 miles) island has well over 11 thousand stores that operate 24/7 regardless of holidays or dangerous storms brought from the Pacific Ocean.   

    This photograph depicts Taipei National University of the Arts students gathering inside and outside of an OKmart, which is the only source of food and drinks on their mountainous campus.


Ema Brum

  • Portugal
  • Caldas da Rainha
  • "Non-places" / "Urban voids" are empty or abandoned spaces in the city. Its emptyness creates a silence that leads the viewer to notice it and enter a state of contemplation. This spaces are of deep relevance to the urban life. It's our escape from the noise that came with industrialization. It's our freedom from the system, within the system. 


Chloé Marchal

  • Germany
  • Berlin
  • One day, while I was walking alone with my camera in Naples, I crossed the path of this little girl who was trying to understand the meaning of the things around her. The people walking, the sounds of the birds, the interactions of the people at the bracelet stands, the color of the sky.  Her father patiently gave her his interpretations. Until she saw me, and our eyes met, she became silent, her father probably about to comment on this new presence. Which you can see as this image.


Vanessa Wellington

  • Italy
  • Bologna
  • This photo was taken during the patronal feast of a little town in Puglia, Italy. Many young boys and girl, most of them very young, queue up to touch a gun at least once a year, even if it is fake. Shooting cans is the most popular game and the most popular prize is a toy gun. Now that the war is raging, seeing kids wanting to arm a gun, even if it’s fake, is scary.



  • South Africa
  • Johannessburg
  • There are many activities or games for an everyday South African Township Child. Apart from street Football / Soccer every other game seem to have its season. Once in a while a game of spinning top gains popularity. A game I have played many times and many times I was terrible at it. 
    Only recently in my adulthood did I discover that Spinning Tops come in different shapes and sizes. My whole childhood and possibly those in their childhood now, are only exposed to the one form of Spinning tops. This limits how the game is meant to be played. There are two ways we in the Township know how to play this game. (i) By spinning it and scooping the top on one's palm. (ii) When a Spinning top has hailed to fully spin and it lays on the ground, the others land their Spinning tops on it in hopes to damage it with the steel at the bottom.