• Israel
  • "No Sweet Wars"

    This surrealistic design expresses the story of my life.

     I live in Israel.

    Throughout the years since my childhood, we have had to defend ourselves against him

    Arab countries whose only desire was to kill the Jews and throw them into the sea.

    To this day there are actually countries that only want to eliminate the State of Israel.

    There are no sweet wars, because there are only dead and wounded, heartache and physical pain.

    Look at what is happening today in Ukraine, why do the Russians have to kill

    more and more? Children and hospitals again, what is it good for?

    There are no sweet wars, only suffering and sadness.

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  • https://www.tammymikelaufer.com/


  • Iran
  • Tehran
  • I take photos of my drawing  from portraits and combine them with my other photos, which creates a unique result that has attracted the attention of various magazines and competition judges.  Maybe the result of the work is not the way we imagine photography, but it is more something between photos, graphics and paintings, and in fact, this fluidity between different media is attractive to me, and I can share my words and minds with others.  For the first time in 2018, LensCulture sent me an email that saw my  these pictures on Instagram and invited me to participate in their competitions, and this became the motivation to continue this way.  Therefore, I am sharing with you one of the images created from a collection that was created during the Covid-19 era, which is a combination of a photo of a portrait drawing  and an X-ray film.  During this time when my family and I were involved in this disease, I witnessed that my family and the people of the world were overcome with fear.  It was like a plague and the doctors prescribed an X-ray and CT scan of the lungs to know the extent of lung involvement.  I put these photos on the faces like a mask to show the fear and desperation on the faces of the people during that troubled time.  In this era, people were exposed to X-ray radiation more than ever before, and I witnessed how the patient and his family were terrified for every patient for whom the doctor prescribed X-ray of the lungs.  I named this collection "X-Ray Melancholia".

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Handi Behric

  • Slovenija
  • Menges
  • The painting expresses a new man when he carries this seed in him from time immemorial. It is slowly maturing for something new. Sam will become the new seed for better times for man and the earth that is unique in this universe.

    The picture is the fruit of a photograph of a man with an outstretched hand calling us, inviting. I created it with artificial intelligence and Photoshop, to this look that gives a touch of something new.

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  • https://handibehric.art/

Joris Jeursen

  • Belgium
  • Ghent
  • The photo portrays a dreamlike situation: the white horse with a woman in a colorful robe as the magical element and the apartment building as the realistic element. Dreams are in essence the unconscious mind talking with the conscious one and telling it all about its desires and fears.

  • https://www.instagram.com/joris.bohnson/

Bailey Graham

  • United Kingdom
  • London
  • The Grand Elimination | Photo Composition

    This piece is a metaphor for what will happen if we let bee's go extinct, and brings awareness to the climate crisis. We see the bees are no more, only existing as prints on skin, while the flowers take over the human. The hands are held in a sign of peace, a surrender to the end of humans and a sad but beautiful replacement of nature.

  • https://www.instagram.com/theballadofbaileyblue/
  • https://www.baileygrahamart.com