Cat Hamilton

  • United Kingdom
  • Leamington Spa
  • These series of images are born out of an exploration of Self. They take you on a journey from the basic photo that I transform into different expressions of my essence and emotions during changing uncertain times.
    I am an abstract photographer and creator of photo art. My work is soulful and grounded in my meditation practise. It was born out of my exploration in self portraits and not quite getting to the feeling I wanted from them. My creative expression evolved into capturing a representation of the soul, spirit or essence of people, to give a deeper sense of who they are and what they stand for rather than what they look like. 
    In the same way kirlian photography captures the aura I attempt to capture the spirit.  Most people don't like photos of themselves and I think its important to be seen for who we are and what we stand for instead of being identified by something transient.
    When we live authentically we can be free and don’t have to worry about being accepted by other. However, stress, anxiety, depression and self worth issues tend to be the norm for most of us. We all want to fit in and be accepted. Our mental health can be adversely affected when we don't fit in or feel accepted by the people around us, and the alienation can be overwhelming and detrimental to overall well-being. I like to share deeply personal expression of self and others in abstract ways that may or may not be obvious to the viewer but that give expression to the soul.