Ellen Gilbert

  • United Kingdom
  • Petworth
  • iHumans: ‘In Eden’s Garden’ is the first image of the beginning of a photographic performance series taken remotely on my iPhone called ‘iHumans’. Nature has been a way for me and many others to escape from our now digital lives. We are becoming aware of the beauty and stillness of the natural world surrounding us and more mindful of our mental health as we create our own green spaces within our homes and minds. The continued series will explore a new species that has evolved in our digital world.
    In using my body to physically communicate my inner perceptions of our digital environment I create images that become a visual language. The technique becomes a therapy for myself and hopefully for others, as I manipulate the body and image into a form of reflection. In creating this image, I hope to provoke the viewer to metaphorically create their own Garden of Eden - a place to disconnect from digital life and work on the inner self, the inner garden.

  • https://www.instagram.com/ellengilbert_/
  • https://www.ellengilbert.co.uk