Eva Wang

  • United Kingdom
  • Glasgow
  • I was standing in front of the bathroom mirror organising my hair about 30 minutes before a zoom meeting. My hair just kept coming off every time when I brushed it through with my fingers, though it fell less and less. I started to feel like stopping doing it, but I couldn’t stop myself and I just wanted to wait till my last pull wouldn’t come with any hair off. Thought it would stop before the meeting, but the meeting started while I was still brushing my hair. It was a strange feeling to see the sink full of so much hair, a bit terrified of getting bold, but also a bit satisfied about getting rid of all the falling hair, like a way of cleaning myself. This conflicting feeling made me think of my relationship with anxiety or worries, which I wanted to get away from but I couldn’t help myself drowned in. Anxiety or worries can also relate to a medical reason of hair loss. The idea of recording my action of brushing my hair as performance came first.
    When I really decided to record it, I also thought of photographing the huge amount of hair left in the shower, which was a more frightening scene. Then I thought maybe, I should photograph all the falling hair whenever wherever I saw it on a daily basis. It falls and grows back everywhere every day, like anxiety or worries go away and come back everywhere every day. It shall be a collection of images and videos, and I want to taking notes of the time of each photo and video. The photos could be printed and placed casually in the space like hair.
    Hair loss has been with me for years and not until recently did I notice its increase. The increased amount of time spent indoors partially due to the Covid-19-pandemic forced me to deal with myself in a degree. I have noticed fallen hair in the bedroom more frequently. It has become more and more annoying and frustrating as I photograph the hair. The project would not happen without the fallen hair but it exhausts me as it is endless.

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