Nissan Leviathan

  • Israel and the Occupied Territories
  • Givataiym
  • As a computer graphics artist I work in front of my computers’ screens, employing a variety of 2D and 3D digital graphics programs as my brushes, my palettes of paints as well as my cameras, with which I create my artworks. These are usually about fantastic realities, as if to follow Valerio Adami’s assertion “Before a painting one must see something other than what one knows already. Associations and significances mingle together beyond the palette.”
    My creations usually feature uncanny compositions. They cannot exist in our real world but only within my own mind, where they are conceived, designed, fashioned, textured, painted and finally photographed. In addition, my artworks are also characterized by their dazzling colors and razor-sharp details, thus trying to reach a final result which is stunning and vibrant fine art creation. I usually create my artworks by first producing a short animated footage around the painting's theme and then choosing one frame, which I later turn to be the final still image artwork.