Pieter Bas Bouwman

  • Netherlands
  • amsterdam
  • Our planet is collapsing under our Western lifestyle. Any activity has potential implications for places elsewhere in the world. Take the animals in Kenya slowly being driven to the outer edges of the land and gradually disappearing by something small as our daily cup of coffee. The growing demand for coffee leads to the deforestation of large areas over the past decades to maximize sun exposure.
    There is little space and time for authentic ways of living in a time when everything revolves around speed. Due to the speed, we not only lose contact with our environment, but even more so we become increasingly distant from how we should essentially interact with our planet. And if you consciously choose not to on this accelerated pace, you will still be eaten by your surroundings. Literally and figuratively.
    The animals seek refuge, but the space they are given does not allow it. If the ever-smaller area in which you can move 'freely' limits you further and further in meeting your primary needs, a conflicting confrontation will certainly arise.
    I see how our unsaturated human behavior results in the exhaustion of our shared planet, which exists both for humans and animals.
    We have to ask ourselves; do we want a planet for humans only on which the sole role to play for animals is one of relics?