roberta ruocco

  • United States of America
  • new york
  • Life has a way of transforming us into something we no longer recognize. Photography has been fundamental in
    peeling back the layers of my life and reconnecting me with my subconsciousness. The intention of my work is to
    eliminate all that is superfluous and engage mindfulness. My images are meant to provoke self-reflection, which
    encourages the development of true well-being, which is where we can find ourselves again.
    Given the current world we live in, I believe mankind would only benefit from self-reflection, engaging our
    subconsciousness and bringing awareness to what truly matters in life. This scholarship would give me the
    opportunity to explore the extent of how photography encourages self-reflection and grant every viewer a passage
    towards their own introspective quest to re-connection within humanity and with ourselves.