Vincent Dupont-Blackshaw

  • United Kingdom
  • London
  • Aqua Marine: Hotel swimming pools always interest me, often beautifully old-fashioned and sometimes with a unique view. This view teases you with the Toronto skyline, showing the CN Tower. The complete saturation of blue and aqua marine set the stage, bringing the viewers gaze to the window. Art Deco glamour seeps from the interior details and gives a bold contrast with the industrial realism of today’s outside world. (The Yorkville Royal Sonesta Hotel, Toronto, Canada)

    Hold Back: Wild swimmer on Sandown Beach walks into the sea in winter. I shot this scene from the coastal path. I like how surreal everything look from above. The sea looks like a blanket that she’s stopping with her feet. The idea that she’s entering into it, as she’s so tiny and it’s so makes me take a breath.

    Wilderness: This preserved meat surrounded by a painted jungle ironically questions the presence of wildlife in a restaurant.